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Connectors reference

Maurina is an UDP server that listens on a port and displays any message received. A connector just sends an UDP data block to Maurina; the data is a JSON object with this structure:

    "tabs" : ["&User","&Errors","&Request","&Session"],
    "log1" : "Data log 1",
    "log2" : "Data log 2",
    "log3" : "Data log 3",
    "log4" : "Data log 4"

The tabs array contains the captions for the four log tabs of the console. With the ampersand we choose the letter for the shortcut so the user has quick access to any tab. It is required for every message.

The four log variables contains the text to be shown in the four log windows. All of them are optional.

By default Maurina listens at, so those should be the default values for the connector.